Baby Sofia is almost here!  I had so much fun decorating a shower in her honor, with the help of a few dear friends.  Here are some pictures!!!
When I found out I was going to have another niece, I was so excited to start planning her shower.  I based the entire shower on this beautiful paper I found at Micheals.   I incorporated  the paper in the banners, flowers, and the cupcakes.  I found a very pretty (green moth color)  fabric at Joann's to make the linens and a pink salmon to accent the flowers and the food.  We had a lovely day and everyone got to take home some candy from the candy bar.
2/22/2010 02:51:22 pm

The shower was beautiful, more then I could have wished for. Thank you so much Amanda for putting together something so creative and sweet for my little baby girl.

P.S. The flowers were my favorite.

7/22/2010 12:53:22 am

This looks amazing! We are doing a shower for my cousin in August and we are doing the candy bar thing. My other cousin told me about it and I think it is the cutest idea! You are so creative. I love the color scheme!


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